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Cannabidiol and the Corona Virus

Cannabidiol and the Corona Virus

In worrying times like this pandemic, we reach out for anything that serves our basic human need for protection and security. Whether it's toilet paper, flour, yeast, pasta, ... or natural remedies. Answering the question of whether cannabidiol helps against Covid-19 is not only prohibited (see Medicines Approval and Control Ordinance), it would simply not be the right question! It should be completely clear to everyone that only a healthy and strong immune system can really help against viruses, bacteria and also against corona or the SARS-CoV-2 pathogen. The correct question is: How can I optimally support my immune system so that it protects me as best as possible?

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Our immune system and the corona virus

What is a virus anyway?

Virologists often refer to viruses as microorganisms that are close to life. However, viruses do not really live. Viruses do not have their own metabolism and cannot multiply on their own. But what they are great at is adapting. So also the current variant of the SARS-CoV-2 virus, which we now generally refer to as Corona.

Viruses need host cells to be able to reproduce. The virus docks to these cells and transfers their genetic material. The host cell then begins to reproduce the virus. Sick or damaged host cells and viruses spread in our body and challenge the immune system to the utmost. The immune system must now identify and kill these cells. Our immune system needs a lot of energy for this.

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CBD and the human immune system

A few years ago researchers discovered what is known as the endocannabinoid system (ECS). Cannabinoids can dock to the receptors of the body's own ECS and regulate our immune system in a meaningful way. As a rule, our bodies produce cannabinoids by themselves to do this job. However, you can support him in this task by taking CBD-containing products.

According to a study from 2009, cannabidiol can stimulate the production of special proteins that help the immune cells to differentiate between sick and healthy cells. Our body needs a lot of energy for these highly complex processes. He gains this power from the food that we bring to us every day. However, we know from current research results of the last few years and decades that we humans generally no longer consume sufficient amounts of micronutrients such as vitamins. The result: our immune system is weakened.

Strengthen our immune system

In addition to CBD, vitamins A, C and D3 can be important building blocks to strengthen our immune system. This combination of essential micronutrients can support our body to help itself in an optimal way. A balanced diet and regular exercise, as well as going to the sauna, can also have a supportive effect.

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